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Internet marketing for online business has become an integrated approach using various methods to build an online presence and to promote a business online to get maximum exposure for a minimum cost. To be able to do this successfully you have exercise a little bit of patience and use the free tools available to help get your business visible and accessible online. For this to work you have to learn internet marketing basics and use techniques like social media marketing as a tool to build your online business.As an internet marketing training introduction we will be covering 5 important steps you have to take to start building your business online and automate as much as possible. This will cover the absolute minimum you need plus some free exposure to help your business become easy to find onlineThe 5 components that you need are:
Domain name
Email communication
Social Media presence1. Domain NameA domain name is an easy way for people to find your business online whether it is a local business that you want a website for or your internet marketing business you are starting out with. A domain name is like The Google part is the easily identifiable company or organisation name and com is a generic top-level domain intended for commercial purposes. Many times of .com is used you can use .org or .info, this can also be changed for country specific names like (uk – United Kingdom) or (jp – Japan). To register a domain name you need to do this with a Domain Registrar this can cost you as little as $10 a year.

2. WebsiteTo setup a website you need a hosting account with a hosting company that rents out servers for people setup websites, this can be done inexpensively dependent on your requirements. When you first start out you can have a website hosted for as little as $10 a month depending on your requirements. You will be provided with a Control Panel or cPanel with which to set up your domain name on the server and then either build the site or have it built for you.3. Bloga Blog is a combined term of web log, it is like an online diary of your activities that you want to publish, it is a very easy way of communicating with your customers and to make them aware of what you do and how your services as an online business will help them in resolving a problem or to inform them of the services your provide. To setup your blog you need to install the WordPress blog using the cPanel software, this is an easy installation process and can be done in 10 minutes. You then configure additional functionality on this additional part of your website using WordPress plugins and you can change the look using a theme, most of these are free and they help add functionality to your blog.4. Email communicationAnother way you can regularly communicate with your customers is through e-mails, this can be to do a number of things like inform them of your services or educate them about how they can resolve a problem. You can also send them information in the form of a downloadable report or send them updates of when your blog has been updated. E-mail marketing is also an effective tool to help promote your business when bringing out new products or services or when promoting a sale event. To make this easier you need to use a autoresponder which can allow you to pre-configure your messages to go out on specific times when your visitor first signs up to it. Now they will be regularly updated and informed of what you choose to send them. You can also send out current broadcast messages for any new information you want to share or promotions you are doing.5. Social Media PresenceSocial media encompasses a number of different free technologies but today we will briefly cover Facebook and twitter. Facebook can be used to create a fanpage for your business. You can use your personal account for setting up a business fanpage and create a group for people to join, using Facebook you can update them of current events in your business. This is more interactive as you can see what people are saying and posting on your business fanpage and this will give you a good idea of what people are thinking so you can react to it.

This helps your visibility online when using a blog as plugins can automatically notify people of posts that you make. Twitter can also be added into the mix and this can also be used to create a following, you can integrate this into your Facebook fanpage and blog which gives people a real-time information feed of what your business is doing online.Internet marketing for online businesses are valuable tools to help build an online presence for local businesses or to help promote a new online business, these are the building blocks of your digital footprint and to help increase visibility and customers interact with you and for you to reach out to more customers easier and without costing a lot of money. To be able to do this you have to learn what internet marketing is and the internet marketing training will help educate you on what to do and how to go about it.

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The Way Most People Look At Online BusinessMany people start an online business, or any small business that doesn’t require a huge amount of start-up capital, and then just… give up! What’s worse, they blame the business model saying, “Oh, that thing doesn’t work”.What’s really funny to me is that a lot of people lump an online business into the likes of network marketing, or multi-level marketing models, which is distinctly not true at all!It’s just their ignorance of the subject showing!My mentor and online marketing expert says there are primarily 5 keys needed to create a sustainable online business.So What Are the 5 Keys To Unlocking the Secret To A Successful Online Business?Key #1: It’s A Business Not A HobbyYou must differentiate between earning a living online and making money online. Earning a sustainable income involves learning the business of how to provide more value to people online, whereas making money online involves chasing the “new thing” to hit town, or that get rich quick scheme your neighbor is doing. You know, that deal that says, “You can become a millionaire for $99.95!” Generally, opportunity seekers.It’s important to learn the skills required to build and operate a successful business. It’s like the difference between flying a simulated plane program and flying a real plane. You wouldn’t expect to jump into a real plane and just.. fly… would you? Of course not! You need to learn how to fly a plane successfully, from an expert!

Why would you expect to just “know” how to build a profitable online business? You need to learn from someone, preferably an expert! Always choose to learn from someone who is experiencing the success you want. Never from someone who just teaches theory.Key #2: Be Prepared To Take Action And Get StartedNo experience is necessary to start learning how to build an online business. You really just need to be teachable!There is no age requirement. In fact, the average age of students in one cutting edge online business training platform is 48. There are students ranging from 16 through 75.The only thing really required is that you have a strong work ethic and a big dream.A great business training program should consist of plug and play style training modules, including a personal success blueprint.You should be able to work in these modules at your own pace and have access to live and recorded training workshops.The best advice is to use the 80/20 rule for training.You should spend 20% of your time learning and 80% of your time applying that knowledge.Too many people can get stuck in training mode and never take a step into action. Also called, “Information Constipation”.Not using the 80/20 rule leads to overwhelm, and overwhelm doesn’t lead to action.Key #3: Provide Proper ValueIn order for you to stand out, and not be mistaken for one of those less than authentic individuals that you can find online, or anywhere really, you need to provide value, real value to your prospective customers.When you provide real value to people you don’t have to talk them into anything using phony language. Just be yourself, be genuine.Real value consists of providing the tools and information your prospects need to help them make an informed decision and improve their life.Key #4: Learn How To Drive TrafficMany folks believe that if you build it (a slick website) they will come (people by the dozens!). Unfortunately it’s not that simple.A new website is like a new brick and mortar shop tucked away in a dark little part of town that nobody knows is there.You have to learn how to “drive traffic” to your website. This is the “meat” of any good business training, and is the cornerstone of an online business. No traffic = no salesKey #5: Learn How To Convert The TrafficLearning how to convert traffic is about providing the right offer.Providing the right offer is about solving your prospective customer’s problem.We all have a problem, (some of us way more than one!) something that keeps you awake at night, or that you tend to worry about.It could be mounting medical bills, or the fear of illness and how it could impact your life, the job market & job security, sending kids to school, helping aging parents, not enough retirement income, the list goes on… and on.

Part of the education process is learning about people, how to communicate, how to help them solve their problems, along with the process of buying.Side note: The beauty of developing an online business is that you can sell your own products or somebody else’s products as an affiliate marketer. Or, with the right guidance and education, you could discover what you are really passionate about and build a business around it. It really is possible for anyone to build an online passion business.I would add one more key to these 5.I would add that you have to want to help people. If you are only interested in making money you will be building your business on shifting sand rather than a solid foundation.Not that there is anything wrong with making money, but it shouldn’t be the primary reason to be an entrepreneur.Being An EntrepreneurBeing an entrepreneur is more about building something, helping people, and changing their lives. It’s solving a problem. Being innovative. Be someone who wants more than just to change one life, theirs! Be someone who can have an impact on the world by just being honest, authentic and caring.